2014 Resolutions

This info-graphic-styled piece represents my and my husband’s goals for the new year, 2014.

HÔM Auction Brochure

This is a brochure highlighting what the HÔM Auction portion of the company has to offer its clients. It is a four page brochure with two insert pages.

Parker’s 1st Birthday Chalkboard

A poster for a little Parker for her first birthday party.

Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Chalkboard

Charlotte’s chalkboard poster highlighting the first year of her life.

Joseph’s 1st Birthday Chalkboard

A poster for Joey’s First Birthday celebration highlighting  his first year of life.

2013 Resolutions

This info-graphic-styled piece represents my and my husband’s goals for the new year, 2013.

Print on Demand Website Landing Page

This is the landing page for the FX print on demand site. This site is for contractors, distributors and the FX sales team. This is a new concept so the website has a little blurb explaining what is available here.

New Product Overlay

The purpose of this project was to create an overlay, based on the original, that combines the Hunter and FX brand. The new controller was based on the Pro-C, but with added FX lighting functions. It needed to maintain the basic look, yet be visually different. This was addressed the changing the colors around. It was required that it attract a viewer from a distance at the 2011 Trade Show to pull them in to the booth.

Counter Mat Insert

This was a two part project for the Sales team. The counter mat can be ordered with each Sales persons contact information in the bottom right corner. The insert is the first in a set they can choose from to slide in to the counter mat. It will be displayed on counters at distributors in their territories.

Contractor Proposal Form

This form is to be used by contractors only. After meeting with a homeowner, this form can be filled out in their car, printed with the homeowner’s specific product choices and finishes, and then handed straight to them. There is a 1 page and 2 page option, depending on the project size.

FX Counter Mat Mini

This counter mat is the first of its kind. The purpose is to show every product available from FX Luminaire, as well as, all finish options. It is inspired by the FX Mini Catalog, which shows every product available in a brochure form. This will be placed on distributor’s counters for contractors to easily see what is available.

Event Invitation

This invitation is to be used by Sales team, contractors and distributors. I designed 12 different invitations for the user to choose from, each main image representing the different territories. One option for this invitation was a tri-fold mailing piece with variable data on both sides. The other option was a PDF download, for those who were working with a tight deadline and needed to print at home.

Door Hanger

This door hanger is for the Sales team, contractors and distributors. It is a door hanger for contractors to leave on homeowner’s doors. I designed 12 door hangers each with a different option for the front side image to best represent the territories. The back side was fully customizable with the contractor’s information.

SDSU Catalog Redesign

This project’s purpose was to re-design the Graphic Design Course Catalog. This catalog is a guide for students interested or currently enrolled in the graphic design program at San Diego State University. It included faculty contacts, important dates and course descriptions. Also info graphics of the building and diagrams explaining the program were created.

Hunter Hub

The Hub is Hunter Industries’ quarterly internal newsletter. It is read by all employees in each of Hunter brands: irrigation, landscape lighting, custom molding and golf. I was the lead designer on each issue.